Our Leadership Team

Behind the scenes we have a hard working, fully CRB checked leadership team who are all volunteers and support the entire section. Fund raising, equipment maintenance, planning events, insuring our buildings and paying the bills are just some of the things that have to happen somehow.

As well as administration tasks our leadership team includes members with specialised skills and experience. All of our adventurous activities need to be run in accordance with Scout Association rules which require us to obtain permits for Dinghy Sailing, Powerboating, Rafting, Pulling etc. Boating can't happen without our qualified safety boat drivers - even our VHF Radio's require licences.

On land the specialised skills do not disappear - Camping requires Nights Away Permits and all activities require qualified First Aid Cover. Our leadership team work hard and give up their own time to keep skills, qualifications and experience up to date in order to benefit the whole group.

Royal Naval Recognised Sea Scout Group No. 81  |  Registered Charities No. 1023312
Group Scout Leader – Steve Newton  |  President – Roger F Rowe