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Greenhithe Regatta

posted 21 Jun 22 by Lia Lampton

Thankyou to everyone who came and supported the Greenhithe Regatta on 18th June, it was fantastic to be back. The winning raffle tickets were numbers 5411, 3360 and 2220 - we have phone numbers so will make contact next week. The day was a huge success and we raised approximately £6,000 which will all be used to pay insurance, running costs and fuel.

We are back!

posted 08 Apr 21 by Lia Lampton

Scouts will be meeting again from 16th April with Explorers following soon after. Please contact us for more details. Beavers and cubs are also back the first week after Easter holidays.


posted 16 Mar 20 by Lia Lampton

We have just received an update from the scout association about Coronavirus. In light of the current situation we have no choice but to suspend all scouting activities until further notice. All meetings and activities are suspended and it’s highly likely that the group camp will be cancelled as well. We will continue to keep everyone updated as we can.

Autumn 2019

posted 02 Sep 19 by Lia Lampton

Hope everyone had a great summer. Scouts and Explorers are back at Marsh Street this Friday 7-9pm...

RYA Training Centre

posted 12 Jul 18 by Lia Lampton

Very pleased to announce that we are now officially a RYA Sailing Training centre as well as Powerboating.

Greenhithe Regatta

posted 01 Jul 18 by Lia Lampton

Winning Raffle Tickets were 1374, 1647 and 3947. All winners have been notified.

Friday 2 March

posted 01 Mar 18 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers cancelled this Friday...

Regatta Prize Draw

posted 10 Aug 17 by Lia Lampton

Thankyou to all who supported our rraffle. The first prize was claimed on the day and the other 2 winners have been notified by phone.

Raffle Tickets

posted 30 Jun 17 by Lia Lampton

We will be selling raffle tickets at Asda the weekend of 8th and 9th July NOT 1st and 2nd. All help appreciated.

Half Term

posted 02 Jun 17 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers are meeting as normal this week at the boathouse.

Sainsburys Vouchers

posted 19 Mar 17 by Jackie Slingo

Please remember that Cambria are collecting Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers. They can be given to any section leader. Thank you

No uniform

posted 24 Feb 17 by Steve Newton

No uniform tonight as we will be making pancakes

Portsmouth trip

posted 15 Jan 17 by Steve Newton

Our eta to marsh street will be 1530 hrs

No scout meeting

posted 12 Jan 17 by Steve Newton

Don't forget that there will not be a scout meeting tomorrow 13/1/17 Scouts will be back as normal the following Friday.

Sainsburys Vouchers

posted 10 Jan 17 by Jackie Slingo

We will soon be collecting vouchers again. Please hand in to any section leader. Also, Challenger Colony are saving used stamps, again please hand in to any leader.


posted 07 Jan 17 by Lia Lampton

Slightly delayed due to traffic but should be back at marsh street for 17:50.

Happy New Year

posted 01 Jan 17 by Steve Newton

Happy New Year, Looking forward to another great year of scouting!!!

Flip out Evening

posted 09 Dec 16 by Lia Lampton

We've arrived late due to accident on A2 so will be bouncing until 8.30. Should get back to Marsh Street about 9.30.

Scouts Christmas party

posted 04 Dec 16 by Steve Newton

Don't forget we will be leaving marsh street at 6pm this Friday

Beavers church visit

posted 04 Dec 16 by Steve Newton

Reminder- Beavers will be visiting st Mary's church Greenhithe tomorrow

Friday 25th

posted 20 Nov 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts are camping 25th to 27th so the Friday night meeting for anyone not camping (including Explorers) will be cancelled.

Powerboat 2 course

posted 03 Oct 16 by Steve Newton

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the instructors who gave up their weekend to run the RYA powerboat level 2 course,and well done to all the explorers and adults who all pasted with flying colours.

Website Updates

posted 30 Sep 16 by Lia Lampton

Please remember to check your section page for updates relevant to Scouts / Explorers / Cubs or Beavers

Friday 16th

posted 12 Sep 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers will be meeting at the Boathouse on Friday 16th September. No boating kit needed and full uniform please.

Beavers Scouts return

posted 02 Sep 16 by Jackie Slingo

We will be back on Monday 5th September. Looking forward to hearing about everybody's summer adventures.

September Meetings

posted 31 Aug 16 by Lia Lampton

Friday evening meetings will restart on 16th September. Due to works at the hall we will not be meeting at Marsh Street for the first few weeks, please check the website for each weeks location.

Boating Day

posted 31 Aug 16 by Lia Lampton

There will be a boating day and BBQ at Greenhithe for all Scouts and Explorers on Sunday 11th September. Please email for more details and to secure your place.

Raft Race & Regatta

posted 04 Jul 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts is cancelled this Friday due to preparations for the regatta, Explorers will be meeting as normal to build their rafts.

Friday 1 July

posted 28 Jun 16 by Lia Lampton

We are back at the boathouse this Friday and expect to be able to get back on the water.

Friday 24th

posted 22 Jun 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers will be meeting at the boathouse on Friday. No boating kit needed - please wear full smart uniform.

Kayaking at Bluewater

posted 15 Jun 16 by Lia Lampton

We will be meeting at Bluewater Lake one more time this week. 7-9pm, arrive in uniform and bring full boating kit. Raffle tickets will also be available for those who need more.

Friday 10 June

posted 07 Jun 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and explorers will be meeting at Bluewater again this week, 7-9pm. Please turn up in uniform and remember your boating kit and towel

Friday 3 June

posted 31 May 16 by Steve Newton

Scouts and Explorers will be meeting at Bluewater Lake. Please arrive at 7 in uniform with your boating kit including towel. Finish at 9pm.


posted 24 May 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and explorers are cancelled this Friday (27 May) due to road works and the closure of Pier Road.

Summer Boating

posted 11 Apr 16 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers are meeting at the boathouse this week for a scavenger hunt and will start boating the following week

Sainsburys Vouchers

posted 05 Feb 16 by Jackie Slingo

We are collecting Sainsburys Vouchers. Last year we were able to get equipment that all of the sections can use. Please ask family and friends to save theirs for us too. Please hand in to any Section Leader. Thank you


posted 28 Nov 15 by Lia Lampton

Leaving now, should be at the hall about 2.15pm


posted 28 Nov 15 by Lia Lampton

Day going well, photos on the blog. Expect to leave about 1.30 or 2...

Back from camp

posted 04 Oct 15 by Lia Lampton

Just leaving - eta 4.30pm

Dartford Cambria Sea Scouts AGM

posted 12 Sep 15 by Steve Newton

Our AGM meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th September at our Marsh Street HQ at 7-15 for a 7-30 would be nice to see as many parents etc there especially if your prepared to help out with the running of the group.

First meeting back

posted 01 Sep 15 by Steve Newton

the first meeting back for scouts and explorers will be at temple hill hall on the 11th September,in full smart uniform.

Friday 3 July

posted 02 Jul 15 by Lia Lampton

No Scouts this Friday but Explorers meeting as normal (no uniform). Hope to see everybody on Saturday for the Raft Race.

Raffle tickets

posted 20 Jun 15 by Lia Lampton

looking forward to seeing lots of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers at Asda this and next weekend to sell raffle tickets. Any that you sell will count towards the £50 Bluewater voucher prize that is going to whoever sells the most raffle tickets....

Bluewater Kayaking 8th may

posted 07 May 15 by Lia Lampton

Kayaking will be going ahead this Friday! Please arrive 7pm prompt at the lake WEARING your wetsuit or boating clothes with top half uniform over the top. Bring a change of clothes, shoes and towel, Also make sure you have a waterproof top. To find the lake follow signs for "service hub" when you are in Bluewater.

St George's Day Parade

posted 28 Apr 15 by Steve Newton

Well done to all Beavers,Cubs,Scouts and Explorers who took part in Sunday's parade, you all looked very smart and behaved extremely well.

St George's Day Sunday 26 April

posted 23 Apr 15 by Lia Lampton

Full smart uniform for everyone please, meeting at the bandstand at 10.30 and finishing about 12.00.

Friday 13th February

posted 31 Jan 15 by Lia Lampton

Pancake day! Scouts and Explorers don't need uniform on Friday 13th Feb because we will be making and eating pancakes.

Explorers Evening

posted 26 Jan 15 by Jackie Slingo

Well Done to the Explorers who visited Challenger Colony. The Beavers enjoyed learning all about HMS Bristol and the weekend camp. Thank you Louise, Sam, Daniel & Connor.

Sainsburys Vouchers

posted 24 Jan 15 by Jackie Slingo

We will be collecting Sainsburys Vouchers again this year.

Friday 16th

posted 15 Jan 15 by Lia Lampton

There will be no Scouts this Friday due to the Explorer trip to Portsmouth.


posted 11 Jan 15 by Lia Lampton

Scouts are on the way home from the Boatshow but have run into traffic at the Blackwall tunnel. Should be back about 20 past 5.

London Boatshow

posted 06 Jan 15 by Lia Lampton

we have just been informed that we have a number of tickets to the London Boatshow this Sunday (11th January). We will give letters out on Friday but if any parents are interested in coming with us - and don't mind driving - then let us know.

Ice Skating

posted 10 Dec 14 by Lia Lampton

Remember Scouts and Explorers are meeting at Hawley Road this week for ice skating followed by hot chocolate.

The Scout Blog

posted 03 Dec 14 by Lia Lampton

The blog is back - since we are camping this weekend!

Rememberance Parade

posted 01 Nov 14 by Steve Newton

We will be meeting at 10:15 at the enterence to Dartford Park by the war memorial. We would like to see as many Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers as possible in full smart uniform.

Summer Camp 2015 - Scouts & Explorers

posted 03 Oct 14 by Lia Lampton

The date has been set for Summer Camp 2015! We are going to Poole Harbour from 15 to 22 August.

Asda Tokens

posted 23 Sep 14 by Jackie Slingo

Please remember to put your Green tokens in our box, at Asda Greenhithe. Its looking remarkably full, but there is room for a few more! Thank you

Sailing Day

posted 27 Aug 14 by Lia Lampton

If any Explorers are free this Saturday (30th August) we are providing safety cover for the Masons Raft Race and doing sailing demos. Meet at boathouse at 12.30 till 5 and bring food if you want. Email us if you can make it please.

Cambria convoy...

posted 23 Aug 14 by Lia Lampton

Are sat in traffic on the Essex side of the bridge. Hope to be home about 4.30.

Summer Camp

posted 16 Aug 14 by Lia Lampton

Convoy has safely arrived! Remember to check our blog for updates with pictures - link on the home page.

Kit drop

posted 13 Aug 14 by Steve Newton

Please remember to bring your kit for scout and Explorer summer camp to the Marsh Street HQ on Thursday between 7 and 9pm.


posted 10 Aug 14 by Lia Lampton

The parade today is currently still going ahead.


posted 10 Aug 14 by Lia Lampton

We are trying to find out if the parade is still going ahead and will update everyone as soon as we know.

World War commeration parade

posted 06 Aug 14 by Steve Newton

Please remamber the parade this coming Sunday. Followed by the ingress fun day in front of the abbey. I hope to see you all there in smart uniform. 1130hrs meet at the royal British legion car park. The parade will commence at 1200hrs and end in front of the ingress abbey where the fun day will take place. Join us in the cambria tent for tea or coffee.


posted 31 Jul 14 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers will be meeting at Bluewater and kayaking this Friday.

Raft Race and Summer Fair

posted 30 Jun 14 by Steve Newton

A big thank you to all who helped on the day and before and after. It was a huge success and we raised a total of £3115.93!! So thanks again to all involved. I'll be putting a team together soon to start organising next years event(I have big plans and would like to include/start the greenhithe rowing regatta) so if this is something you would like to be involved with let me know ASAP.

Winner of ticket sales

posted 30 Jun 14 by Steve Newton

Well done to Louise blow for winning the compition for selling the most raffle tickets, (117) a great effort.

Raffle tickets

posted 23 Jun 14 by Lia Lampton

Please remember to bring your raffle tickets back this week (including any unsold ones). We also need contributions for Saturday - filled jars and bottles please.

Who can sell the most Raffle Tickets?

posted 06 Jun 14 by Lia Lampton

We will be awarding the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer in the group who sells the most raffle tickets a prize of 4 Bluewater Cinema tickets. The draw will be made at our raft race on 28 June and tickets to sell will be given out over the next week.

Thames Heritage Trust Annual Award

posted 28 Apr 14 by Lia Lampton

We are very pleased to announce that we have been chosen to receive this years Thames Heritage Trust Annual Award in recognition of our achievements in building the new boathouse. More details including the award presentation date coming soon.

First Boating Night

posted 25 Apr 14 by Steve Newton

Tonight will be the first Friday of the season afloat for scouts/explorers so please don't forget boating clothes,waterproof, and towel. Flag break will be at 7.15 sharp.

Challenger Summer Fete Stall

posted 22 Apr 14 by Jackie Slingo

Please could you start saving jars, for Challenger Colony's fundraising stall at our Group Summer Fete on 28th June. They can be left at Greenhithe or Marsh Street HQ. Thank you

Section Updates

posted 09 Apr 14 by Lia Lampton

Please remember to check your section pages for updates specific to that section.


posted 10 Mar 14 by Steve Newton

Well done to all the scouts and explorers who took part in Saturdays tuffenuff competition, and well done Dan for winning first in the explorers 14-15 age range.

Greenhithe Walk

posted 05 Mar 14 by Lia Lampton

Scouts and Explorers will be meeting at the boathouse on Friday 7th March. No uniform needed but waterproofs and strong shoes or boots. Normal meeting times and subs please.

Explorers Expedition

posted 23 Feb 14 by Lia Lampton

Very well done to all 12 Explorers and Older Scouts who were backpacking this weekend. You've ticked off a big part of your Platinum Awards (or Expedition Challenge).

Royal Navy Grant

posted 15 Feb 14 by Lia Lampton

Cambria Sea Scouts have just been awarded a grant of £2,500 under the scout association Royal Navy Admiralty Fund. This money will go towards our new Topaz Sailing boats.


posted 14 Feb 14 by Steve Newton

Well done and welcome to Josh,Becca and Ben who got invested tonight. Thankyou Martin for coming down and presenting their moving on award.


posted 10 Feb 14 by Steve Newton

Well done to all 17 Scouts and Explorers who braved the Wincam mud and winds last weekend.

Which Boats?

posted 29 Jan 14 by Lia Lampton

After a day at the Topper demonstration lake, and with thanks to Laser for letting us borrow a demonstration Pico, the Scout Leaders have decided that the Topper Topaz will become the new Cambria training dinghy. Fundraising is going very well and we hope to have 6 new Topaz boats, with trailer, ready for the 2014 season.

Sainsburys Vouchers

posted 25 Jan 14 by Jackie Slingo

Please remember that we collect the Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers. Collection boxes will be at Dartford & Greenhithe.

Raft Race and Summer Fair 2014

posted 23 Jan 14 by Steve Newton

The date has been set for this years Raft Race and Summer Fair. It will be held at Greenhithe Waterfront on the 28th June. If your interested in entering a team please contact me via the contact page. More information to follow.

We're off sailing

posted 15 Jan 14 by Lia Lampton

Yes that's right it may be January but some of the leaders are going to test sail a Pico ahead of buying 6 of them. Thanks to Laser for lending it to us for the afternoon and I think the hot water on tap at the boathouse may get well used!

Leaders Posts

posted 09 Jan 14 by Lia Lampton

Leaders can now update their own sections of the website so up to date program information/cancellations and other notices will be available in the section pages.

Bag Packing
posted 5th January 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we raised just over £1,000 bag packing before Christmas. The money will be used to fund our new fleet of Laser Pico sailing dinghies so thankyou to everyone who contributed.

Happy New Year
posted 5th January 2014

We're back this week after Christmas and looking forward to a full year.

Merry Christmas
posted 22nd December 2013

Happy Christmas to all our Group - Parents, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and Helpers. See you all back in 2014.

Bag Packing
posted 13th December 2013

Come and see us this weekend (14th/15th) at Marks and Spencer, Dartford where we will be bag packing to raise funds for our new Laser Pico Sailing Boats.

Grant Award
posted 1st December 2013

We are very pleased to announce that we have just been awarded £5,000 under the Dartford Locality Board’s Youth Grant. The money will be used to attract new members and to set up an Equipment Bank to allow members to borrow items such as rucksacks and waterproofs from the group.

posted 15th November 2013

See our new Press page for Cambria in the News.

Remembrance Sunday
posted 10th November 2013

A big Thankyou to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who turned up at the Parade today.

Challenger Beavers
posted 28th October 2013

Beavers is cancelled today (Monday) because of the bad weather.

Scouts and Explorers
posted 25th October 2013

Remember we are meeting at the boat house tonight. Anyone with a mobile phone please bring it along.

"Not Firework Night"
posted 17th October 2013

On Saturday 16th November the group will be running a "Not Firework Night". Save the date now and more details will be announced soon.

Beavers Nature Day
posted 14th October 2013

Beavers will be taking part in the district nature day on Saturday 26th October. See the Challenger pages for more details.

Exec Meeting
posted 14th October 2013

The next exec meeting will be at the Temple Hill HQ on Wednesday 16th October. 7.45hrs for 8pm start.

Uniform Order
posted 10th October 2013

You can now order group activity wear online. See the Order Form .

Kayaking at Bluewater
posted 26th September 2013

Bluewater have given us permission to use their lake for kayaking! It's taken a while and we'd like to thank Jo, Stu and Merv at Bluewater for their help. The Scouts and Explorers will have their first kayaking session this Sunday (29th).

Beaver Scout of the Month
posted 26th september 2013

Well done Emily for being nominated Challenger Beaver Scout of the Month.

Welcome Peter
posted 20th september 2013

We would like to welcome Peter Field to the group as our new Chairman. Thankyou also to everyone else who has volunteered to help and if anyone else is interested then just let us know.

Goodbye Roger
posted 20th september 2013

We are sad to announce that Roger has stepped down as Chairman after 9 years in the role. Thankyou Roger from all of us for your hard work, especially in turning the new boathouse into reality.

posted 09th September 2013

The Executive Committe will be holiding an AGM at the Temple Hill HQ on 18th September 2013 from 20:00hrs. Please come and join us to help the group grow over the next few years.

posted 03rd September 2013

As requested we now have maps of our locations! See Contact Details

New Members
posted 03rd September 2013

We currently have spaces in all of our sections so if anyone is interested then come along to a meeting and find out more. Meeting times and places are all under the relevant section details.

Friday Night Minibus
posted 03rd September 2013

We're thinking about running a minibus from the Greenhithe Boathouse to the Marsh Street HQ on Friday evenings so that our Greenhithe Scouts and Explorers can easily get to Temple Hill. If anyone is interested please let Steve know and if there are any parents prepared to help (on a rota system) then that would be great.

Masons Raft Race
posted 29th August 2013

Explorers - remember we need you to help run boat trips during the day. It's Saturday 7th September and we'll be there from 10:00hrs.

Summer Camp 2013
posted 29th August 2013

Camp was a huge success - some pictures are online already and they will be added to in the near future. Everyone had a good time including our newest explorers (maybe) Callum and Robert - we hope to see you back in the new term.

Summer Camp 2013
posted 15th August 2013

Camp is almost here and the Scout/Explorer leaders have been shopping, packing equipment, programme planning and even packing personal kit. Subject to an internet connection we're hoping to add a daily update to the website whilst we're away so please keep checking back.

Ingress Park Fun Day
posted 15th August July 2013

Come and see us at the Ingress Park on Sunday 18th August - we're coming back from Camp just to be there...

Raft Race Pictures
posted 23rd July 2013

Thanks to Kevin (Group Photographer) we now have pictures of our Raft Race:
View Gallery

Activity Permits
posted 21st July 2013

Well Done to the leaders who have just received up to date activity permits: Steve - Rafting, Dave - Power Boating, Gemma - Power Boating, Lia - Sailing and Ginger - Sailing. These permits are a result of training and experience and without them we can not run our Boating so Thank You...

Bronze Award
posted 15th July 2013

Congratulations to Sam, Christopher, Izaac and Adam who all had their Bronze Awards presented on Sunday.

Raft Race - Explorers
posted 15th July 2013

Congratulations to all our Explorers who entered the raft race on their own raft.

Raft Race - Shopping Done
posted 11th July 2013

See update to the Raft Race page...

Raft Race - Raffle Prize
posted 10th July 2013

£100 gift voucher has just been donated by Bluewater.

Raft Race - The Big Equipment Move
posted 10th July 2013

We have a trailor and we're moving barrels. And Tents. And BBQ's. And lifejackets. And food. And tables. And chairs. And freezers. And gas botles. Remind us whose idea this was again?

Raft Race This Weekend
posted 8th July 2013

Please remember to bring in your donations of alcohol or chocolate for our "Barrow of Booze" and "Chariot of Chocolate", along with any other items requested by your section leaders.

Congratulations Tom
posted 8th July 2013

Welcome to the Explorers and congratulations on your investiture. The fun on the river doesn't exactly stop but there's lots of hard work coming up if you want to get your Queens Scout Award!!

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